Sunday, January 31, 2016

Knitting Along . . .

Yup, picked up those socks again.  You know the ones--which were started back in 2013!  Seriously?!  Three years?  Okay, I started them in December 2013, so technically it was 2 years for a pair of socks. Still, isn't 2 years too long?  Craziness!
Two socks, side by each

Over the summer, I had picked them up again and even finished the first sock, but gift knitting got in the way.  So after the holidays, I went gangbusters on that second sock.
First sock.  Wonky toe?
I must confess that I wasn't too happy with how the toe looked on the first one.  And honestly I can't fault the pattern 'cuz I'm not sure if I followed it or made some minor modifications (yeah, I've made bad, bad notes during the construction of this project--as in not enough notes.  Ugh!).
Two different toes for the same socks
Once I got to the heels, I followed the basics as per Vogue's Basic Ribbed socks (my go-to pattern for basic socks). Naturally the second sock looks a wee bit different than the first one.  I prefer the look of the second toe area (sock on the right if you're looking at the photo above), but I prefer the fit of the first sock's heel.
Current sock stash
Regardless of my sock woes, I have to say that overall Aquaphobia Socks is a great pattern for yarn that pools.  I think, though, that next time I attempt this pattern, I will be brave enough to attempt the cables.  And yes, there's still quite a bit of sock yarn in the stash.  This means more socks in my future. Yay! :)

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