Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mamamamama . . . .

Muffin time!  While I was visiting family, my mom gave me her old cookbook (along with some old family favorites--mostly special cookies she made for company).  Nothing beats the treats mom used to make.
The pages may be tattered here and there.  Some stains cover a few pages, but I wouldn't give up this book for the world.  It was my go-to cookbook when I baked as a teen.
And now I make treats for my own children.  They haven't expressed much interest in baking or cooking, but I know certain recipes have become family favorites--especially muffins.
Love makin' muffins for the kids to take along in their lunch cans-kids love the banana ones and pumpkin muffins are nice for the fall.  Always nice to offer homemade snacks whenever I can.
Neat gadget my SIL & BIL picked up for me a while back when they were in Halifax.  It's specifically used for mixing dough, but the beauty is in the design: dough won't stick to it!  Very nice for  mixing muffin dough.
Do you have any family favorites?  Watcha doin' this weekend?

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