Sunday, October 18, 2015

By the Way . . .

There's been some knitting these past two weeks, but not nearly as much as I would have liked.  These things called work and school really take up a lot of unnecessary time--time better spent on knitting.

At least Batman Hat #2 is just about done.  It needs to be cast off and the ends will need fixin', but the knitting is done.
Batman Hat #2
 I'm hoping to make one more Batman Hat, but I'll have to adjust the stitch count to accommodate a baby's head.  Maybe someone's already done the math for me--I can hope, right?
Mitten for toddler
Meanwhile, the mittens are coming along--yay!  I have both mitts done, but they have no thumbs.  I'll have to write a proper post with all my mods when I'm finished.
Almost finished mitt next to adult-sized one
I think they are just the perfect size!  You need to see them next to an adult size mitt to really get a sense of how cute they are.

Anyways, there's an essay that needs finishing.  Talk later . . .  ;)

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