Sunday, July 5, 2015

Almost There . . . !!!

Afghan detail
Yup, I've been very good--a good little crafter!  Last weekend I started working on a long-standing WIP from September 2010, Bernat's Mystery Afghan Crochet-along (Ravelry link). It's been sitting in a bag at the bottom of a basket, hidden in the back of the closet.  I'm sure you have similar places in your own home--that place where discontinued or unfinished projects go to hide in shame. 

There were only a few squares left to attach, maybe 4-5.  Much to my chagrin, one sad little square was missing!  Yup, I was one square short of a finished blanket.  One measly mitered square . . . Argh!!
Almost an afghan --minus one square in the upper left hand corner
So I quickly searched for my pattern (it was clue #5), but couldn't find it anywhere.  Seriously?!  I know I packed it when we moved, but heaven knows where it went.  A thorough search led to no pattern.  Was it even still online?

When Bernat became part of the umbrella group at Yarnspiration, the old website went away and the old pattern never made it to the new website.  Thankfully I found the old archived Bernat blog (I think I used the wayback machine).  Follow this link:  old entry for Nov 2010 .  It'll take you to the entries for November 2010 (clues 8 and 9 can be found there).  If you click on September through December on the sidebar, you should find the blog posts with links to PDF files for all the other clues, from #1- 10 (last clue is for the border).
Missing mitered square . . . 
With my clue printed off, I proceeded to work the last mitered square.  As I recall, some of the participants complained about how wonky this particular square looked.  Check out the old Ravelry group for that project.  Although not active anymore, there's still lots of useful tidbits and photos shared by fellow Ravelers.  Looking through the comments, I remembered I had used the suggestions to use a larger hook, chain 50 instead of 46 and work the decreases very loosely.

Here's hoping my motivation sees me through to the end of this project!

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