Saturday, May 9, 2015


One sleeve is complete.  Yay for me!
Detail of finished sleeve
And I've started work on the second sleeve.  Hard to see with the two circulars (my favorite method for working in the round--less likely to have ladders.  Guess everyone uses whatever method works for them).  A couple of inches left to go . . . (but don't hold your breath 'cuz I've been working in the yard this weekend).
In-progress second sleeve
Even managed to get myself out to knit night.  It's been a year--at least.  With the school semester done, I plan to get out more regularly 'cuz I usually get some knitting time in and it's nice to connect with like-minded crafters.
Time to start looking for another project.  I find that if there's a new yarn or project waiting for me, the incentive bolsters my odds of finishing that WIP.  ;)

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