Thursday, March 19, 2015

Snowzilla Attacks!

I kid you not!  We had a mini-storm Friday and then a big one Sunday which dumped about 20-25 cm of snow.  Then yesterday's doozie of a storm covered us with another 35 cm of snow--at least.  Some areas got as much as 60-70 cm so we didn't even get the worst of it.  Still this Snowzilla attack is the worst I've ever seen.
It has been a busy morning with much digging.  Thank heavens we flagged down a fellow driving a CAT machine who happened to be digging out driveways in the neighbourood.  It was money well spent, but we were still out at least 2-3 hours.
Our car was almost stuck, but we got it out with some help.  With the boys, hubby and another fella, they pushed it out.
As for the second car . . . well, that's gonna stay put for now.  Maybe it'll finally thaw out in May.
Hope your week is better than mine.


  1. Oh my. Oh. My. I thought we had it bad here in Keswick, New Brunswick! Wow.

    The pic of the car buried is too funny! Poor you! Reduced to one vehicle? Have to share with your hubby? How are you to sneak new yarn into the house without him knowing? LOL (that's what I do, shhhh!)

    Keep warm,

    1. Hey Nin,
      If you're in NB, you probably have more snow than we do, LOL. My car died in Feb (hope it's just the battery), so I've sadly left it to the elements--until springtime. Hope it survives.


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