Saturday, March 7, 2015

Coming Up for Air

Books, papers and more on dining table
Yup, ensconced in papers and books--sadly, none of them are crafty related.  One major project is just about complete and ready for mailing.  The joys of distance education--although to date, I've been able to submit essays, projects, tests & exams online.  Even discussions & classes have all been online via video or audio chat rooms or conferencing. Sadly, I've still two more months of classes left--along with a research essay, another project and a test.
Almost finished mitten
At least there has been knitting!  Yup, there's a mitten almost done.  It's just missing it's thumb. 
Two in-progress  mittens 
And the second mitten has been started too.  Slowly it grows.  Will it be finished before winter's end?  Judging by this season's unusually snowy, icy cold weather, this winter season threatens to extend well into March.  Besides, I live on the east coast.  I'm not seeing anything remotely resembling spring until late April.  After all, I live in a province where snow storms can threaten as late as April 30th.  So I'm sure to get some mitten use before spring arrives in.

Enjoy your week!  

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