Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sort of Crafting . . .

I meant to pull out my hook and work on more grannies for my bedspread (which will look awesome in my room against the grey walls--if I ever finish it!).  But I didn't.

Instead I attacked a group of boxes left in my room (Ugh!  More boxes!).  Notice the lovely mess of boxes in front of the closet below:
Before: the mess in front of the closet
It made getting to the closet very difficult--to say the least.  Thankfully the mess was diminished--if not completely eliminated.  Baby steps, right?
After: more organized . . . 
The number of boxes continues to decline as I slowly find a home for my stuff--and toss the things that are no longer needed--no easy task, but it's getting done.

The corner by my bed had turned into a mess of bins and baskets filled with miscellaneous crafting stuff:
Before: poster board, bins & baskets
Now it's more organized.  Remember that colourful drawer unit I assembled a few weeks ago?  It now contains many of my scrapbooking supplies (stamps, ribbons, embellishments--a modest stash at best.  My papers are on the bookshelf across the room next the larger closet). 
After: organized space
And then this got me thinking about my craft closet and the baskets of yarn scattered 'round the house.  So I gathered all the odds and ends 'round the house and consolidated everything so that it all fit nicely into the bins--with the necessary skeins left accessible.  I've got photos, paints and embroidery floss on the top shelf (yeah, those are the photos I need to get into albums).
Photos, paints and embroidery floss 
Yarn and some leftover fabric in drawers and bins on the floor.  The large bins are labelled on the outside.  The drawers are clear so it's easy to see what's in there.  A lot of my special yarns are in the drawers--special one or two skeins of pretty colours or interesting fibres.
Bins and drawers filled with yarn.
It's a work-in-progress for sure.  And in my organizing, I found a big ball of cotton.  Isn't  the colour yummy? Perfect for a baby, right?
Colourful cotton yarn for upcoming projects
Someone in the family is due soon.  Time to cast on for some booties, a hat and maybe a few bibs . . . Holiday break is fast approaching and my needles will be clicking away--at long last!  ;)

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