Sunday, August 17, 2014

Still Summer

Coneflowers in bloom in big garden under the honeysuckle
Yup, still summer, although the air feels crisper and the evenings are definitely cooler. There's still lots of growing left in the season: plenty of flowers left to bloom and I'm eagerly anticipating my red sunflowers.
Tall tiger lilies on the other side
Certainly can't deny that school is right 'round the corner--less than 3 weeks!  That'll mean work for my boys and me (although this year I'm excited 'cuz I've transferred to another institution that will hopefully be a better "fit' with my professional goals).
Wildflowers growing in garden along front deck
Meanwhile I can enjoy the loveliness blooming in the garden beds.  I love watching the seasons change and noting the season markers, especially the wildflowers.
Detail of poppies amongst the wildflowers
I found some great books on wildflowers in Nova Scotia.  One (Wildflowers of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & PEI) has been out for a while, but I love the photography.  While not exhaustive, it's a lovely tome to peruse.
Great coffee-table book with lovely photos
Excellent field guide for wildflowers in NS
The other one (Wildflowers of Nova Scotia) is a recent publication and quite exhaustive.  It's a great primer and handy reference for those of us who go for walks in the woods or near fields (the same author has a similar book on trees and bushes which I may have to pick up at some point).

How goes your summer? 

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