Monday, August 11, 2014

Still Stylin'

Yup, she looks good, doesn't she?
I finished these not too long ago, but forgot to post about them.  I showed you the finished pink jacket here, but neglected to share the matching pink skirt and lovely off-shoulder top. The skirt is from the same Patons-Beehive book Just Dolls (Rav link) as the jacket.  The top is from the wonderful site Sticka till Barbie where you can find tons of free Barbie patterns--and I mean tons (as in over 1000 patterns including accessories)!
The original pattern was actually a two-tone dress, but I stopped at hip length.  There was actually an error on the pattern, but I've knit a few other patterns from the site without errors (I think the stitch count got messed up in the translation from Swedish to English).

I also made a strappy top for my doll 'cuz the off-shoulder number pictured above didn't quite fit under the jacket.  I have yet to take a proper photo--maybe next week when I'm on vacation again.

There is something rather nice about finishing up so many little projects.  It gives one a sense of accomplishment.  Maybe there's hope for the bedspread . . . 

Later,    :)

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