Sunday, July 27, 2014


Yup, Barbie is gonna be stylin' in her new jacket.
Isn't it reminiscent of Chanel?  I think it's the trim and boxy shape.  Whatcha think?

I've got to cast on the matching skirt.  I'm heading to the beach again today, so it would be perfect beach-side knitting--simple and fast!  

These patterns came from an "old" Patons-Beehive book "Just Dolls" (Rav link).  I remember eyeing the booklet in the local Woolworth's and wanting it so badly (am I dating myself?).  Finally my mom succumbed and bought it.  I happily knit a few Barbie and baby doll outfits with mom's leftover yarn.  Good memories . . . . 


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