Sunday, July 20, 2014

Distractions . . . .

In spite of my best efforts, there have been many distractions whilst I work on my rainbow granny bedspread: gardening, weekend outings, family commitments, housework and school work (mostly essays to challenge courses in a diploma program).  And truthfully, it makes me sad.  How can I be a crafter if I'm NOT crafting?

Then inspiration and motivation hit me in an unexpected way.  I had been itching to knit for a while.  While leafing through some patterns, I found a small project.  It would be quick and I'd be using up stash. 
Crocheting a contrasting hem to the dress
The pattern is from, by far THE BEST website for free Barbie clothes and accessories.  Check out the Ravlery pattern links too.  There is so much selection.

And I wasn't joking when I said it would be a quick knit.  I cast on Monday and wove in the ends this afternoon while sitting at the beach.  How perfect is that?
Finished outfit
And now my lovely Barbie doll is perfectly dressed for the summer weather in her new sundress.  Isn't she lovely?  

I've got a road trip coming up.  And that means some in-car crafting.  I may have to start another outfit for the Barbie.


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