Sunday, June 29, 2014

Road Trip . . .

Red rose from a grand opening--very classy!
Now that summer has finally arrived, we're using our weekends to spend time with the kids. Usually we end up on a road trip--perhaps a visit to the city, maybe a quaint little town or dip in the ocean?  No matter where we go, I love watching the countryside as we putt-putt along the highway . . . 
View from my window . . . 
As with any road trip, its not just the destination that matters.  There's lots of great stuff that happens along the way: cool tunes, good conversation, lovely scenery--and in-car crafting!  Seriously!!  I love knitting or hooking in the car--even if I sometimes end up with boo-boos (Only another crafter can truly appreciate the joys of car-crafting).  Viola, my car-hooking:
Pink square in progress
Right now I've got tons of squares stored away in a bag in my room.  All those lonely squares, waiting to be joined . . . soon, my pretties.  Very soon.

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