Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tink, Tink, Tink

That's the sound of my needles busy at work . . . 

First, the baby cardi (aka Avocado) is happily off the needles.  It needs some darning of ends and sewing of buttons . . . Ahhh, buttons!  Which ones to choose? They could all work, but I narrowed it down to two: the pearl ones and the wooden ones.

Truthfully I had always envisioned the finished item with wooden buttons for a casual, rustic feel, but the pearl ones look pretty . . . Decisions, decisions!

While I pondered my button choices, two requests came in from my family.  Everyone needs slippers!  The slippers of my youngest  fell apart.  Considering he got more than a year's use, I can't complain.  My own slippers lasted a few months before falling part--guess I'm hard on my feet.  Since I had lots of the same yarn leftover, I made the same style using the same yarn.  The Non-Felted Slippers by Yuko Nakamura  are a great design--easy to follow and quick to work (you may recall the pattern mods I posted here).

The slippers were completed over a few days (lunch and naptime are the best times to  squeeze in a few rounds of knitting).  They only need some seaming (of course my mind pondered the possibility of creating a solid sole by using Judy's Magic Cast-on--could it work for this many stitches?  I wonder . . . ).

And dear hubby requested slippers too.  His old ones were the traditional two-tone Phentex slippers--and they were dying.  For a change, he's willing to try the Non-Felted Slippers, mainly because these moccasin type slippers are a quick knit.  And if I use Phentex yarn, then they should still be quite durable (he's tough on his feet too).  Since hubby's feet are much bigger than mine, I've made mods.  I added extra stitches at cast-on, but am still working the same number of increases.  I'm hoping they will be sufficiently larger to accommodate hubby's man-sized feet . . . we'll shall see in a few days.

Now back to my reguarly scheduled studying (after this week's exam, I'm a free woman).  Have a good week! :)

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