Sunday, March 3, 2013

Some Wee Progress . . .

It goes without saying that my knitting mojo is slowly waning.  That there is any progress at all is a surprise to me.  But progress there is!
Avocado Progress
The baby garter sweater (aka Avocado) has one sleeve completed.  Yay!
Sleeve Detail
And even my lowly sock has finally got the beginnings of a heel flap (there's always a sense of accomplishment when I can get the leg portion finished.  It feels as if I'm forever knitting and knitting  . . . until suddenly I've reached the right length).
Ribbed Sock In Progress
I always like working the heel flap--so I can watch the colour changes as I work back and forth.  And of course there's the heel turning which still inspires wonderment: it literally looks like magic!

Now back to my baking and cooking.  Yes, I'm actually making supper which is a wonderment itself (as I so rarely cook--mainly because I don't like to cook and there are other better cooks in the household who actually enjoy cooking).

Have a great week! 

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