Sunday, January 13, 2013

We Has Tentacles!

While there has been little knitting, there has been progress of sorts.  Remember my octopus friend Iggy (from here and here)?
Tentacles galore!
Oh yeah, baby!  There are tentacles all about!  What?  There's only six?  Yeah, I didn't quite finish all eight, but I still wanted to sew on the appendages.
Sewing on a tentacle
So I guess my octopus is really a hexapus--ha, ha! Still, he is almost done . . . two more tentacles to go!  

The original "Eggy" has been well loved over the years.  He's looking a wee bit worn.  The yarn has pilled in spots.  And he's gotten increasingly floppy over the years (as if he's slowly losing his stuffing).
The original octopus, Eggy
To compensate, I over-stuffed Iggy so he wouldn't suffer the same fate as Eggy.  His little legs look very sausage-like . . . hee, hee!
I think someone will be very happy.


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