Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello Avocado

Yup, feelin' much better (sadly some of my co-workers are not faring so well).    But of course once I felt better, I was ready to cast-on a new project.
Beginnings of Avocado Baby Cardigan
Say hello to my lovely Avocado.  It is in fact a project I have worked previously.  Remember my Watermelon cardigan? It was one of my Blog Bernat projects so I did blog about it twice.  Yet I don't recall mentioning it here . . . 
Watermelon Cardigan
It was a cute cardigan and my niece wore it a few times, but she soon out-grew it.  I really liked the garter yoke, but I disliked the bottom-up construction.  So I decided to reverse the pattern by constructing it as a top-down.  I started with the number of stitches bound off--those became my cast-on stitches and then worked increases instead of decreases.

So far, so good!

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