Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winter Blahs

View Outside my Kitchen Window
Seems to me that 'bout this time every year, I get the winter blahs--that "when-is-winter-going-to-end" feeling ( see hereand here, and some here).  Doesn't help that we had a wallop of a storm yesterday that disabled my internet connection (I can live without TV, but please don't take away my interwebs!).
Winter Wonderland
Granted that all that snow looks pretty as it coats the branches and blankets the world in a quiet hush . . . but still . . . its winter!

So whilst the snow falls and swirls outside my window, I dream about springtime, garden beds  and seeds.  Oh the things I'll grow!
Seed Catalogues
Gardening Magazines

Hope your weekend is less snowy than mine.  Have a good one.

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