Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Wrap-Up 2010

So there wasn't too much Christmas knitting in 2010.  This year I knitted mainly for my niece and nephews: two hats and a vest (that's a total of three items compared to last year when I made about 7-8 items). And I made no scrapbook gift albums either (the last couple of years I've made at least a few for family).

Now for the details:
One item was a cute vest (you can read about it over at Blog Bernat or you can check out my Rav project page (Ravelry link) for more details).  It was my first experience with intarsia.
Monster Vest for Nephew
The other two projects were skull earflap hats from Bernat's new Roving e-book (pattern here at this link).  Intarsia was also required.  Needless to say, I'm done with intarsia for a while.  If skulls aren't your "thang", you could easily modify the pattern by replacing it with another motif or just leaving it plain (more details on my project page (Ravelry link).  This was also a Bernat project so you can read more over at the latest Blog Bernat post).
Earflap Skull Hat for Nephew
There's something about an decent earflap hat that speaks to me--maybe its the warmth factor?  In any case, I liked hat so much, I made another one for my niece. However, a plain old skull didn't seem girlish enough.  So I modified the motif.  In Bernat's e-book for Roving, I found a poncho pattern using a skull with bow--perfect for a girl! (see my project page (Ravelry link) for more details). 
Girlie Skull Hat for Niece
It would have been nice to make more gifts.  Doesn't a handcrafted gift seem more personal?  Of course not everyone enjoys or appreciates a knitted/crocheted item (although the scrapbooks have been well received).   If I planned for my gifts (knit, crochet or scrapbook) in January, would it all be completed in time for Christmas 2011?  Ha!  Now that would a great plan!   ;)

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