Sunday, February 21, 2016

More Socks!

Knitting tools with yarn
 Yup, socks are king at my house--that is, worsted socks.  For some reason, socks grow quickly in worsted weight.  And that's part of the appeal.
Sock detail in worsted weight
I'm using Briggs and Little 'cuz everything I saw on Ravelry recommended it as very durable and washing-machine friendly.  Living in a small town, my options are limited regarding yarn availability.  However, Briggs and Little is readily available--and there's lots in my stash!
Heel detail in contrasting colour
The pattern initially was to be Heavy Socks (link to free pattern on Ravelry), but the numbers looked too big.  The 54 stitches looked more like a man's size.  So I checked out Paton's Basic Sock (worsted weight version) 'cuz I had used it before.  The 48 stitches still looked big, so  I adjusted the numbers again and reduced my cast-on to 44 stitches (I like using long-tail cast-on for socks 'cuz it makes a nice even edge at the cuff).

I always cast on on DPNs and then move my work to 2 circulars after working a few rows. My preference is working in the round on circulars ('cuz for me it reduces ladders).  Rather than using a pattern, I prefer plain ribbing 'cuz it usually provides a decent fit.  Besides, ribbing can fix a multitude of sock sins.  Hoping the two-tone blue and cream looks fun and interesting.

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