Saturday, November 7, 2015

It's the Wrong Colour!

I have made an effort to knit more this week.  And the extra effort has netted some nice FOs.  Check out the earflap pixie hat with matching mittens.  Isn't it cute?
Finished pixie hat with matching mittens
This is headed for one of my nieces.  My other niece was going to get  the same pixie hat with matching mittens in a different colour--mainly orange and brown..  However, I noticed something as I worked on the mittens.  Do you see the problem?
Second pair of mittens
Mitten Detail
The mittens look as if they came from a different coloured skein altogether, but they came from the same skein.  I was going to redo one of the mittens . . . . .

And then I saw my niece's new winter coat.  It was not navy, black or blue.  No, it was pink--as in very pink!  No orange to be seen anywhere.  **sigh**  I may have to make a second hat with matching mittens in pink-purple. :(  At least I have lots of the pink-purple skein leftover.

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