Saturday, January 10, 2015

Winter is Here :(

The tree in the front yard
Yup, winter is here in full force, complete with sub-Arctic temperatures and plenty of snow.  I'd love to say that winter is not without its charms, but honestly I despise the cold days, the even colder nights and the short days.
Snow-covered road out front
The sidewalks are slippery and so are the roads.  And the frigid temperatures make it difficult to get out with the wee ones.  Anything colder than -25 C is wee bit too frigid--too easy to get frost-bitten cheeks.
The shed in the corner of the yard
What's a gal to do?  Just cozy up with her hook or needles and while away the time . . . at least until the semester begins. ;)
Something interesting in the garden
Hope it's not too cold or too snowy where you're at.  May your basket be filled with fun and interesting projects.

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