Sunday, November 30, 2014

Still Unpacking . . .

If you've ever moved, then you can empathize with my pain . . . all the boxes!!  The never-ending boxes . . . 

At least I found a place for most of my yarn (although there are yarn baskets in my closet and a couple in the basement.  I'm not sure where they will end up but hopefully everything will eventually fit in the closet). 
New yarn closet
Not sure how to re-organize for optimal storage . . . Somewhere on the interwebs, there is a solution.  Needless to say I miss my lovely craft closet in the farmhouse (but I miss neither the farmhouse nor the nasty winter drive to and from the farmhouse).

As for my scrapbook supplies, I wasn't sure what to do with them (they too were stored in the craft closet at the farmhouse).  My papers and books found a place on a new bookshelf.  As for my other supplies, I purchased a rolling cart.  Of course, some assembly was required.  It took some time to connect the pieces, but the final product looks pretty (even if it is smaller than I had hoped).
Assembled rolling cart with rainbow shelves
With yarn and books finally accessible, I can think about crafting . . . but not until I finish the last two projects due in my course--two weeks left before classes end for the holidays--although this is not to say that there has been no crafting.  Some grannies were made and some were attached . . . it's all good!   ;)  

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