Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lovin' It!

After finishing my Keyhole Bow-tie Scarf, I cast-on for another bow-tie type scarf.  With only 109 yards in the one skein of's Peruvian Alpaca, I needed something small.  Problem: not happy.  The yarn is just lovely, but not loving the curl which is intregal to the pattern.  What now?  Rip out?  What else to make with such a small amount of yarn?  The yardage got me thinking about different types of small projects, which in turn got me thinking about dolls.  That's right: dolls.
Not loving the curl
Flipping through Ravelry's search engine, I found loads of cute patterns for 18" dolls (if you don't already know about Ravelry, get thee to the website post-haste 'cuz it is awesome!!).  Perusing patterns always gets me looking through the stash.  And I found a nice pattern to marry with some DK weight leftovers.
Top/dress in progress
The pattern is a little ensemble (Ravelry link), but I only made the top.  The top length is perfect as a dress, especially as my doll has leggings and pink booties.  Pattern is straight-forward, but I tweaked parts of it because of personal preference and because I couldn't get gauge.
Front view of dress

Back view

What do you think?  Pretty?  I love it, especially the bright colours.  Also love that I used leftovers.  And my doll finally gets a nice outfit.  Think she needs a matching cardigan?  Maybe in green?  I'll keep you posted. ;)

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day of Sorts . . .

Over at my place, all the fellas in our household are sick.  To be fair, it has been a cool June and feels more like autumn than spring.  So I'm playing nurse-maid today, making sure everyone has hot tea, vitamin C, blankets and fluffy pillows.  And of course Netflix is playing non-stop (animated flicks aren't a cure-all, but it sure helps pass the time when you can't do much else).
Sick teddy courtesy of

So hope you all enjoy happy times with the fathers in your life.  Be well.
Later  ;)

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Life Is Like . . .

Fragrant lilacs in bloom
. . . . Knitting.  N'est pas?  Yes, life is very much like knitting.  You think you've found the most wonderful yarn or the best pattern.  Full of enthusiasm, you cast on and soon realize something is amiss.  Gauge?  Dropped stitch?  Wrong size?  Ignoring the nagging doubts, you continue working on the piece until you realize the "mistake" needs addressing.  Your options?  Well, some of us will throw the whole mess in a cupboard and try to forget; others try something entirely different, while others just give up altogether and declare knitting (or crochet) to be too difficult.  Then there are those of us that either tink back or frog the entire thing, but they do not give up.  Maybe you need a different pattern for the yarn or different size needles.  Maybe you modify the pattern.  Maybe you ask for help and continue forth.  Either way, you persevere.

Dainty bleeding hearts in bloom
Life is like that.  Stuff happens that shake you to the core.  You wanna give up.  But you don't.  You persevere.  You find a way.
Detail of pretty lungwort
And truthfully, thank heavens for the knitting (or crochet).  It can ease the stress and give your mind a place to focus when you feel like crumbling into a small ball in the corner.  So while my absence has been much too long, my thoughts and heart were not far.  Complete immersion in all things crafty (and all things garden-wise and plant-like) kept me sane and functional.
Finished keyhole scarf
By the way, I finished that keyhole scarf.  What a lovely quick knit--and satisfying too.  Then I cast-on something else, but before I finished that, I cast on a second project.  Then I had this crazy idea to start making Christmas early . . . but that's for another post.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

About Ennui . . .

Progress of Keyhole Bow Tie Scarf
I must confess that when ennui sneaks up on me, I peruse Ravelry or rummage through my stash (especially the special yarns).  Something usually "speaks" to me so much so that I print off a pattern and immediately cast on.
Mainly garter stitch
Such was my mood last week. Not happy with my current WIPs, I cast on something new.  It's a keyhole bow tie from Knit Simple, Fall 2009.  It's been in my queue for ages.  Instead of worsted weight, I'm using chunky weight.
Detail of keyhole
Instead of the 30 sts indicated in the pattern, I cast on 20 sts. The finished width is supposed to be 5”.  Mine works out to just over 5” with 20 sts. And I'm loving the way the colour is mixing in the garter stitch.  Here's hoping I have enough yarn.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Day for Moms

Photo credit: bambe1964 via / CC BY-ND
Here in the Maritimes, the lobster fishing opens about a week or so before Mother's Day.  So in many communities, there are traditional lobster meals served on Mother's Day.   This afternoon, I will partake of this maritime tradition with family.
Photo credit: garryknight via / CC BY
As I enjoy my buttery crustacean with freshly baked rolls and green salad, I wilI give thanks for all that I have, modest as it seems.  There are those who have much less.  And although my own mom will be miles away, I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the mothers out there.  Thank for you for your time, your kind words, your hugs and most of all, your love. :)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy Birthday

To me!
Photo courtesy of
We're gonna celebrate tomorrow night 'cuz one of my boys had band commitments. It was still a happy happy birthday. :D

Feeling thankful and very grateful for all the good people and all the good stuff in my life.  Also thankful for you.  Thanks for reading my thoughts and reflections on all things crafty.


Saturday, April 30, 2016


Oh yeah!  After a busy week with little knitting (Who am I kidding?  There was no knitting.), I finally scored some crafting stuff.  Seriously!
Cute crochet kit
First off, a cool crochet kit.   Isn't it neat?  There's enough yarn for one Beatle, but the book has patterns for all 4 Beatles in their early years AND patterns for the Sgt. Pepper versions (I know, right?).
Sgt. Pepper's version
Besides the kit, I got my hands on two knit books.  One is a book on children's top-down knits (check out some of the patterns over at By far, top-down is my fave way to construct a sweater.  There are some cute items (and I dare confess that I've photocopied a pattern or two in the past . . . ). The only drawback is that the photos in the book are all B&W--but that's a small drawback.
Book on top-down kids' knits
View of more patterns
The other book is a re-working of vintage knits (check out more over at  And while I might admire the patterns more so than make them, there a few accessories that caught my eye (scarves, a hat, bolero and 2 shrugs).  It'll be a neat addition to the crafting library.
Vintage Knitwear book
Circular knit vest/bolero
Cute bolero
At a dollar a pound, we made a steal!  In total my husband and I spent about $37.00 for over 25 books (including the crochet kit, 4 gardening books, half a dozen kid's books, quite a few paperbacks and over-sized hardcovers.  All the items had been donations from the local community).  Seriously, we scored big time!  And all the proceeds go to funding our local library (seeing as our provincial government has frozen current funding, local libraries need as much as they can get in the way of fund-raising.  See CBC news for more details).

Now I'm off to peruse my finds.  
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