Sunday, November 22, 2015

About Blocking . . .

Confession time: I have never blocked  any of my knits.  Ever.  But to be fair, most of my knits have been made with acrylics or cottons.  So really they didn't need any blocking, just a good wash when finished.
Blocked shawl drying

This shawl was different.  I finished it back in August, but I'd been dragging my feet on weaving in a few ends and blocking it.  I never would have thought that blocking would have made such a difference!
Before blocking
After blocking
The yarn overs opened up and the entire shawl stretched right out.  In fact, the shawl seems to have a lovely curve to it. 

First I soaked it in water with mild detergent (Yarn used was DROPS Fabel which is a wool-nylon mix.  My other woolen sock yarns have stood up well to the washer and dryer).  After rinsing in plain water, I gently squeezed out the water.  Wrapped within a large towel, I rolled up the shawl and squeezed out more water.  Finally I began pinning out my shawl so that the lace would open up.

Without any special blocking pins. I resorted to using some quilting pins.  They seemed to work fine, as long as I drove them right into the mat. Nearby sat the dehumidifier.  Hope that will speed up the drying time.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Never Forget . . . .

Photo credit: CharlesFred / / CC BY-NC-SA
It was a lovely Remembrance Day ceremony this morning at the town's war memorial/cenotaph.  Maybe it was just my impression, but there seemed to be more people this year than last.  In any case, it was moving and poignant to hear from the speakers and see the veterans, soldiers and cadets.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

It's the Wrong Colour!

I have made an effort to knit more this week.  And the extra effort has netted some nice FOs.  Check out the earflap pixie hat with matching mittens.  Isn't it cute?
Finished pixie hat with matching mittens
This is headed for one of my nieces.  My other niece was going to get  the same pixie hat with matching mittens in a different colour--mainly orange and brown..  However, I noticed something as I worked on the mittens.  Do you see the problem?
Second pair of mittens
Mitten Detail
The mittens look as if they came from a different coloured skein altogether, but they came from the same skein.  I was going to redo one of the mittens . . . . .

And then I saw my niece's new winter coat.  It was not navy, black or blue.  No, it was pink--as in very pink!  No orange to be seen anywhere.  **sigh**  I may have to make a second hat with matching mittens in pink-purple. :(  At least I have lots of the pink-purple skein leftover.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Post Halloween

Any trick-or-treaters at your place?  We never got any when we lived at the farmhouse, but it was nice to see some last night.  
Pumpkin dude--just hangin' out.

My boys were out on their own with their friends.  I'm glad they're growing up to be responsible young men, but I do miss those little rituals, like taking them out to trick-or-treat.  
Pumpkins on the deck

Hope it was a nice weekend for you.  I haven't  done much--it's been a "day off".  Today we deal with the time change and the fast-approaching darkness (I'm a summer girl with it's warm breezes and light-filled evenings). So Halloween always has me feeling melancholy (Winter is just 'round the corner).
All lit up for Halloween

There has been some knitting--well, very little knitting.  Maybe therein lies the problem?  Knitting cures all ills, including melancholy.   Persevere I must, so I hope to do more knitting in the upcoming weeks.  There are Christmas knits that need finishing.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

By the Way . . .

There's been some knitting these past two weeks, but not nearly as much as I would have liked.  These things called work and school really take up a lot of unnecessary time--time better spent on knitting.

At least Batman Hat #2 is just about done.  It needs to be cast off and the ends will need fixin', but the knitting is done.
Batman Hat #2
 I'm hoping to make one more Batman Hat, but I'll have to adjust the stitch count to accommodate a baby's head.  Maybe someone's already done the math for me--I can hope, right?
Mitten for toddler
Meanwhile, the mittens are coming along--yay!  I have both mitts done, but they have no thumbs.  I'll have to write a proper post with all my mods when I'm finished.
Almost finished mitt next to adult-sized one
I think they are just the perfect size!  You need to see them next to an adult size mitt to really get a sense of how cute they are.

Anyways, there's an essay that needs finishing.  Talk later . . .  ;)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo from . . . ?
 Just poppin' in to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving on this lovely long weekend.  I know I have lots to be thankful for.  Hope you do too.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mamamamama . . . .

Muffin time!  While I was visiting family, my mom gave me her old cookbook (along with some old family favorites--mostly special cookies she made for company).  Nothing beats the treats mom used to make.
The pages may be tattered here and there.  Some stains cover a few pages, but I wouldn't give up this book for the world.  It was my go-to cookbook when I baked as a teen.
And now I make treats for my own children.  They haven't expressed much interest in baking or cooking, but I know certain recipes have become family favorites--especially muffins.
Love makin' muffins for the kids to take along in their lunch cans-kids love the banana ones and pumpkin muffins are nice for the fall.  Always nice to offer homemade snacks whenever I can.
Neat gadget my SIL & BIL picked up for me a while back when they were in Halifax.  It's specifically used for mixing dough, but the beauty is in the design: dough won't stick to it!  Very nice for  mixing muffin dough.
Do you have any family favorites?  Watcha doin' this weekend?
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