Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

All told, it's been a nice Easter weekend to spend with the family.
Rainbow Eggs courtesy of
Here's wishing you and yours a good Easter day and happy long weekend.

Friday, April 18, 2014


First crocus of the season
Proof of life, that is.  Bits of spring hinted here and there.  In spite of the last wintery blast, the sun is making more frequent appearances.  And its giving off greater heat.
Yellow wildflowers called Coltsfoot and often mistaken for dandelions
Suddenly out of nowhere, there are tons of red-breasted robins pecking in the lawn in search of worms and grub.
Fresh green stuff!
Amidst all the grey decay and dead matter, new life sprouts.  Green stems and stalks break through the once frozen earth.
Tulips breaking through . . . 
I love spring!!  The promise of something fresh and new is in the air . . .

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Can't Talk . . .

In the middle of studying for my last exam . . . 
Pile o' Squares
Just popped in so I could share my progress so far:
Rainbow colours
Seven squares and all different.  There are twelve different colours in total (possibly 13), and all in the stash!  This should be a stash buster, right?
Just the beginning
Only 93 more squares to go . . .


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Is It Wrong?

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My Improvised Square
Is it wrong to crave colour?  Bright, springy, summery shades that evoke warmth and flowers and sun-shiny happiness? I had barely finished the baby sock (And it was close, but yay to storm days!) when inspiration hit.   Over on the Crochet Crowd Fan page on Facebook, a crocheter (Sandy Crochets) posted her finished creation (You can also find a wonderful photo on Instagram).  Isn't it purty?!  I just loved it!
My Rainbow Stash
And I had to make it!  I looked through my Red Heart Super Saver and Bernat Super Value stash and found enough suitable colours--although I may be missing the odd skein. 
Colour Plan
With graph paper and colouring pencils, I worked a workable colour chart for my bedspread.  This will look cheerful and summery in the bedroom.  I'm so excited!!
Reference Patterns
Since there was no pattern link to be found, I scrounged the internet and found a couple of similar granny square patterns.  A regular large granny would work and so would a granny sunburst pattern.  The one I used was from here (also called a sunburst granny but the centre is worked differently than others I've seen).  You could also use this sunburst granny square pdf from Priscilla's Crochet.  Both are free patterns (And You-Tube probably has lots of how-to videos as well--if you need the visual aid.  I know I often need it).  I modified the first pattern by adding a few extra rounds before working the last 2 single crochet edgings.  

I'll keep you posted! ;)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patty's Day

St Patrick's Hat and Coin (courtesy of
Hope you had a good weekend.  Hope you have a good day.  I'm at work dressed in green "celebrating" with my toddlers where we'll be eating lotta green food.  ;)
Shamrocks (courtesy of
Wishing that everyone's days will soon be filled with green and sunshine and warmth.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

About the Baby Stuff . . .

Almost done.  The hat was already completed when I'd started on the booties(the link will take you to the pattern links).  The booties were actually quite easy to work and to stitch up.  
Bernat Baby Booties
With those items finished, I decided to add some baby socks (they're just so darn cute!).
Baby Sock
The sock pattern comes from a discontinued booklet from Bernat (Rav link).  I'd actually made the socks a few years ago (old Bernat blog's archive at using the now discontinued yarn Bernat Baby Stretch.  I'd hoped my non-stretchy Red Heart Smoothie would work with the pattern.  And it does!
Almost done . . . 
 This is gonna be a cute set when its completed.  Just need to start the second sock . . .  ;)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Winter's Tam . . .

It's still winter in my part of the world (honestly, I cannot begin to tell you how sick I am of winter.  If I see another snowflake, I swear I'm gonna scream!!).  The only good part about the chilly weather is the necessity for winter gear.  That's right!  I've got a lovely tam--a colourful tam!
Finished Tam
I just love the colours!  It's cheery and looks great with my coat (I still can't believe how well the hat colours match up with the coat).  My only complaint is that the hat is a wee bit loose--that may be the fault of the corrugated ribbing.   If I make another version (and I may very well try another), I may have to substitute with real ribbing that's more stretchy or subtract a few repeats for a snugger fit.
Wearing the Tam
I must confess that my fondness for the pattern has inspired me to use the chart for a matching cowl.  I cast on but have yet to start the colour portion.  
Beginning of Matching Cowl
Maybe winter is waiting for me to finish and then spring will start in earnest?  Ha!  Maybe not . . . 
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