Sunday, March 22, 2015

Keeping Busy . . .

When Mother Nature dances with Ol' Man Winter, you gotta keep busy, right?  So I've been a good little crafter: my mitts are done!  Aren't they cozy?
Finished Faux-Thrum Mittens
I started another project too: Simple Man Slippers for my man.  He's got big feet and his old ones are rather holey.  I had been meaning to make the fella new ones, but I kept putting it off while I played with other distractions.

With snow days and bad weather, I finally cast-on.  Here's my latest WIP:
In progress slipper with 3 yarns worked together
It's a fairly straight forward pattern from Melissa Mall (link to pattern on her blog).  The original called for 2 strands of bulky Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick.  I thought the Bernat Roving might work, but I didn't have enough of it.  So I used Phentex Craft & Slipper Yarn along with Briggs & Little Heritage as my third yarn.  The latter two should be strong and durable enough to keep the Bernat Roving from falling apart (it does tend to pill a bit).
And I tweaked the pattern a little too.  Instead of a plain stockinette middle, I decided to use garter.  I figured it would be more squishy.  And who doesn't enjoy a nice squishy and cozy slipper?

Stay warm.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Snowzilla Attacks!

I kid you not!  We had a mini-storm Friday and then a big one Sunday which dumped about 20-25 cm of snow.  Then yesterday's doozie of a storm covered us with another 35 cm of snow--at least.  Some areas got as much as 60-70 cm so we didn't even get the worst of it.  Still this Snowzilla attack is the worst I've ever seen.
It has been a busy morning with much digging.  Thank heavens we flagged down a fellow driving a CAT machine who happened to be digging out driveways in the neighbourood.  It was money well spent, but we were still out at least 2-3 hours.
Our car was almost stuck, but we got it out with some help.  With the boys, hubby and another fella, they pushed it out.
As for the second car . . . well, that's gonna stay put for now.  Maybe it'll finally thaw out in May.
Hope your week is better than mine.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Blizzards and Craftiness

At this very moment there is a blizzard raging outside my window.  I kid you not!  Up to 45cm of snow expected--in the middle of March!!  Needless to say, I am a wee bit weary of old man winter . . .
Nearly done with Faux-Thrum Mittens
At least March break starts this weekend.  I still have to work, but I've decided to take a break from school.  I handed in my project early, so there are no big essays or projects due till April.  The time-off is a rare chance to work on crafty things--like mittens.
Detail of finished thumb
I've made excellent progress thus far.  One mitten is complete with thumb (some ends need to be woven in).  The other mitt has only one thumb left to go (or is that the right one? Hee, hee.  Mitten humour.).  Very pleased with the end results (although there are always little "errors" that ONLY I can see).
Thumb in-progress--almost done 
Already I'm thinking of my next project and no, it's not a return to the rainbow granny bedspread.  Instead I want more quick and small knitting projects.  I'm thinking my hubby needs a new pair of slippers . . . I'll keep you posted. ;)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Coming Up for Air

Books, papers and more on dining table
Yup, ensconced in papers and books--sadly, none of them are crafty related.  One major project is just about complete and ready for mailing.  The joys of distance education--although to date, I've been able to submit essays, projects, tests & exams online.  Even discussions & classes have all been online via video or audio chat rooms or conferencing. Sadly, I've still two more months of classes left--along with a research essay, another project and a test.
Almost finished mitten
At least there has been knitting!  Yup, there's a mitten almost done.  It's just missing it's thumb. 
Two in-progress  mittens 
And the second mitten has been started too.  Slowly it grows.  Will it be finished before winter's end?  Judging by this season's unusually snowy, icy cold weather, this winter season threatens to extend well into March.  Besides, I live on the east coast.  I'm not seeing anything remotely resembling spring until late April.  After all, I live in a province where snow storms can threaten as late as April 30th.  So I'm sure to get some mitten use before spring arrives in.

Enjoy your week!  

Monday, February 16, 2015

Storms, Shovels and Papers . . .

But no knitting!  I got nothing.  Just bogged down with school work, non-napping toddlers and a whole lotta snow . . . . 
So as I work on my project and gather sources for an essay, think of me cuddled in the corner of the table, sipping tea as the wind howls outside my door . . . 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Winter Blahs

Here in the Maritimes, we have been "blessed" with, not one, but TWO winter storms within the span of a week.  I managed to get out to work during the first storm (ever had a flash freeze?).  We endured Arctic temperatures only to face hours of heavy rain a few days later (Yeah, that's right: a day of rain!).  That may sound pleasant except that the water had nowhere to go (Can you say "flooding"?). This was, of course, followed by freezing temps and more snow.  Did I mention it was a lot of snow? It's not even the good kind of snow that packs for snowballs and snowmen.  It's the fluffy stuff with lots of ice mixed in for good measure.
Buried Car
Needless to say there was lots of shoveling.  And sad to say that my car is literally frozen to the pavement!  I kid you not!  Thank goodness I have no need of it, but still . . .
Faux-Thrum Mitten In-Progress
So how does a gal get through?  With mittens!  Feelin' mighty happy about starting my new mittens.  They look very fluffy and feel very cozy soft.  Just what a gal needs to get through the winter blahs . . . . .

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Back to Knitting?

Pile o' Grannies
I have a lovely pile  o' squares waiting to be attached . . .  Alas, they must wait.  The problem is not enough time:  I need to put aside time to pin the grannies into place and then uninterrupted time to seam.  
And even though I've got short snippets of time to make more grannies, my motivation is slowly slipping away . . . Seriously, I need a new project--something small and preferably something knit.  I'll admit it.  I miss knitting.
Briggs & Little, Bernat Super Saver and Bernat Roving
So I rummaged through my stash and found some plain, neutral yarns (don't the colours feel like a winter's day?).  For the longest time I have been itching to replace my Faux-Thrum Mittens from Dec 2010/Jan 2011--which honestly seems like eons ago!  One of the mittens was the first prototype, so it never quite looked right with it's wonky thumb.  The second mitt looks and fits better, but I wish I had made the thumb longer.  Besides, they have gone through the dryer so many times and look a little worn (the Bernat Roving has pilled a little).  On top of anything else, I was never terribly pleased with my colour selections.
Screen Capture of Other Mittens from Ravelry
By the way, when I was checking out my notes, I was quite surprised that other knitters had made my mittens too!  Wow!  That's really gratifying. :)

Wanna make some mittens too?  Check out the free mitten pattern here (or you could click the link called "Free Mitten Pattern" at the top of the website).  Hope you'll join me.   ;)

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