Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gardening 101

Although there's been little crafting, there's been plenty of gardening!  After consulting my gardening books and online guides, we visited the garden centre.  You know that "high" you get from visiting a really nice yarn shop?  Yeah, I get that way from visiting a good nursery.  
Front flower bed
Perhaps overly ambitious, I was lured by the promise of bright colours.  When I got home, I went straight to work, digging up the long neglected garden--covered in that yucky weed fabric (which never really works very well at keeping out the weeds) and tons of unappealing red mulch (I'd rather use natural or black-coloured mulch).  Love the feel and smell of soil between my fingers . . . and then there's the satisfaction of seeing the plants in their place.  Wow! 
View from above
There's nothing like caring for a garden, tending those little plants and watching them grow.  It's good for the soul.  And then your creative juices start flowing and great ideas swim 'round your head: Yup, I has plans--big plans!!  But I need to go slow and work on it a little at a time because (a) I'm no spring chicken and (b) I don't have enough funds to follow my dreams all at once.

That small flower bed at the front of the house took a few hours worth of digging.  There was nothing there and the soil needed lots of compost and good black top soil.  Whatcha think?  Pretty?
Detail of columbine flowers
Lots of shade loving perennials: columbine, bleeding hearts, lungwort and coneflowers.  There's also some dianthus and alyssum in hot pink and purple.  Hope everything survives.
Hanging basket detail
We added a couple of hanging baskets too--in hot pinks.  These will look pretty when they're in full bloom--if summer ever decides to officially show up (I'm lookin' at you Mother Nature.  After the long winter we've had, we need some summer, please.).

Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Good Girl

Yup, I've been a "good girl": got much more knitting done this week!  Yay for me!
Growing Cashsilk Fern Scarf
Met up with my knit group too.  Haven't seen some of the gals in a long while.  With this year's hard winter (bad weather or terrible road conditions), everyone hadn't been meeting on a regular basis.  Besides, school kept me busy.  
Detail of unblocked lace pattern
Hopefully I'll continue to attend knit night this fall.  It's a nice break.  And I usually get a fair amount of knitting done.

How's your week?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Slow Progress

The week whizzed by and there was little progress made on my lace scarf.  Work keeps gettin' in the way--go figure?!
Little progress . . . . 
Don't misunderstand.  There has been knitting, mainly at nap time when my toddlers are all fast asleep.  But it's slow going . . .  :(     Maybe I'll get more done at knit night this week . . . (and I promise to show some updated photos).

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lacey Goodness . . .

Yup, I has lace!
Beginning of lace scarf
I wasn't sure how the colours would work out, but it's striping very nicely. The Cashsilk Fern Scarf  is a fairly straight-forward pattern with both written instructions and a chart.  Using stitch markers to separate the 16-stitch pattern repeats helps me catch potential mistakes early.
Detail of seed stitch border
Initially I used a seed stitch border for the first four rows before starting the lace pattern.  I also added an additional 5 stitches on either end to continue the seed stitch (in the hope of controlling the fabric's tendency to curl--hate the curl!).  I just hope there will be enough yardage to make the scarf long enough . . . 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Yummy Yarn

Yarns Plus Silken Twist in seascape
I bought this yummy silk-wool blend almost four years ago at Romni Wools in Toronto (Plan to visit family in TO over the summer, so hopefully there's a trip to Romni Wools in the near future).
Cashsilk Fern Scarf with yarn
At just over 400 yards, I'm hoping there is enough to make a reasonably long lace scarf for yours truly (I think the colours will compliment nicely with my turquoise winter jacket).  I was eyeing Cashsilk Fern Scarf, a pattern I'd added to my Rav fave list almost five years ago.

After reading comments from others who've made the scarf, I decided to add a moss stitch border along the ends and on either side.  That's an extra 10 stitches to the 66-stitch width.  I hope my scarf will still be long enough . . . 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Queen of Buttons

Yup, I feel like the queen of buttons.  Check out my stash:
Various assorted buttons
Yup, I haz buttons!  Lots of selection and that suits me just fine.  It gives me options when I need to use buttons for a project.

I've also got a stash of colourful ones which often work great for children's clothing or accessories.
Sorted colourful buttons
I've separated them into their various colours.  Me thinks I need to sort through the other buttons too.

Why was I looking through the button stash?  To find the perfect ones for my nephew's Baby Sophisticate.  The collar is complete and all the ends have been woven in.  I only need 4 buttons to finish it off.  I narrowed it down to a few possibilities:
Possible choices 
After "trying out" a few and consulting with my boys, I settled on two possibilities: plain wooden buttons and tarnished brass ones.
Wooden or brass?
I'm leaning towards the wooden ones 'cuz that's how I envisioned the finished sweater when I initially chose this colour for the project.  Decisions, decisions, decisions . . . 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

In honour of Mother's Day. . . . 
Hoping all the moms have a wonderful day, shared with loved ones. :)
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