Sunday, July 27, 2014


Yup, Barbie is gonna be stylin' in her new jacket.
Isn't it reminiscent of Chanel?  I think it's the trim and boxy shape.  Whatcha think?

I've got to cast on the matching skirt.  I'm heading to the beach again today, so it would be perfect beach-side knitting--simple and fast!  

These patterns came from an "old" Patons-Beehive book "Just Dolls" (Rav link).  I remember eyeing the booklet in the local Woolworth's and wanting it so badly (am I dating myself?).  Finally my mom succumbed and bought it.  I happily knit a few Barbie and baby doll outfits with mom's leftover yarn.  Good memories . . . . 


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Distractions . . . .

In spite of my best efforts, there have been many distractions whilst I work on my rainbow granny bedspread: gardening, weekend outings, family commitments, housework and school work (mostly essays to challenge courses in a diploma program).  And truthfully, it makes me sad.  How can I be a crafter if I'm NOT crafting?

Then inspiration and motivation hit me in an unexpected way.  I had been itching to knit for a while.  While leafing through some patterns, I found a small project.  It would be quick and I'd be using up stash. 
Crocheting a contrasting hem to the dress
The pattern is from, by far THE BEST website for free Barbie clothes and accessories.  Check out the Ravlery pattern links too.  There is so much selection.

And I wasn't joking when I said it would be a quick knit.  I cast on Monday and wove in the ends this afternoon while sitting at the beach.  How perfect is that?
Finished outfit
And now my lovely Barbie doll is perfectly dressed for the summer weather in her new sundress.  Isn't she lovely?  

I've got a road trip coming up.  And that means some in-car crafting.  I may have to start another outfit for the Barbie.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Know what's so great about the summer?  Those quiet moments when you sit out on the deck with a glass of sweet strawberry wine.  Maybe you've got a book to read.  The sun's warmth washes over you.  Looking up, you catch a hummingbird at the feeder, whilst other colourful brethren flock to the bird seeds.  As you close your eyes, a cool breeze offers some respite from the heat.
Wine goes well with Game of Throne series ;)
It's summertime.  And the living is easy . . . 


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pile o' Squares

The crocheted variety, that is.
Pile o' Squares
Yes, the crafting goes slowly--very slowly.  I had hoped to be further along, but other tasks had taken up my time and energies.  Still, I do what I can and hope that sometime before Christmas I will have a new bedspread.
A Rainbow Array . . . 
I've been looking through my project page on Ravelry.  Although I'm enjoying the crochet, my fingers are itching for something different.  I'm longing for different project--something to knit.  I haven't worked on my Aquaphobia socks (Rav link) in a long while.  Maybe I should pick up the socks again.  After all, I'll have need of them come autumn (a mere two months away).

Or perhaps I should work on something more simple and quick, just to get a sense of accomplishment . . . hmmmmm.  Decisions.  Decisions.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

Here's hoping you're enjoying the day, wherever you may be across this fine country.  Hope you have good friends and loved ones nearby to share the start of summer.  After all, summer really doesn't start until the July 1st festivities.  School is officially out for the kiddies and there's often a long weekend--although this year didn't quite work out as a long weekend (hope some folks were able to take the extra day off).  
Have a good one friends!  Cheers!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Road Trip . . .

Red rose from a grand opening--very classy!
Now that summer has finally arrived, we're using our weekends to spend time with the kids. Usually we end up on a road trip--perhaps a visit to the city, maybe a quaint little town or dip in the ocean?  No matter where we go, I love watching the countryside as we putt-putt along the highway . . . 
View from my window . . . 
As with any road trip, its not just the destination that matters.  There's lots of great stuff that happens along the way: cool tunes, good conversation, lovely scenery--and in-car crafting!  Seriously!!  I love knitting or hooking in the car--even if I sometimes end up with boo-boos (Only another crafter can truly appreciate the joys of car-crafting).  Viola, my car-hooking:
Pink square in progress
Right now I've got tons of squares stored away in a bag in my room.  All those lonely squares, waiting to be joined . . . soon, my pretties.  Very soon.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Stuff of Life . . .

So remember when I thought I had lost all my photos stored on my failing laptop?  Well, I found them!  Most of them--the important ones anyways (I lost some knitting/crochet pics and any "free ones" from and  Luckily I've got most of my crafting photos on Ravelry & this blog).

I wasn't crazy after all.  I DID back up my photos initially on a portable hard drive.  I had "hidden" the hard drive in my room to stay safe--so safe I had forgotten where it was hidden!  Needless to say, I was relieved.  I've since backed up everything on disk and downloaded all the photos back onto my laptop.
Wee Houses courtesy of
With one "crisis" resolved, we fell into another one . . . well, not really a crisis.  More of a stressful event.  We're in the middle of buying a house.  It is extremely stressful, especially since we're not "in the clear" yet.  All the paperwork for offers and counter-offers and required documents, letters and inspections . . . its enough to drive a person mad.

So forgive me if my crafting has fallen by the wayside . . . 
I'll keep you posted.
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